Going above & beyond in Norfolk

ERS Medical Ambulance Care Assistant (ACA) Sophy Underwood came across a road traffic accident while transporting two renal patients back from Huntingdon. Sophy pulled over to investigate and found that one of the vehicles had ended up in a river. She spoke to the driver to ensure he was conscious and not in pain, he started to panic when water started entering the vehicle quicker than it had before. Sophy also works as a Fire Fighter, so using her skills she cut the seatbelt that was trapping the patient in the sinking vehicle.

Jonathan Edge, Operations Manager, said: “I think we can all be very proud of Sophy’s actions. She was extremely brave to rescue someone who was trapped in the pitch dark in a freezing cold river improvising using a saw to cut through the seat belt to free him! Not only that but once satisfied that the gentleman was okay and handed over to paramedics who had just arrived on scene, Sophy got back into her PTS vehicle, soaking wet,to ensure her renal patients made it safely home. This really is an example of going above and beyond! Well done Sophy!”

Photo caption: Sophy Underwood being presented with a gift voucher as a thank you for her actions by Jonathan Edge and new Lead Driver Jessica Hirst who, despite being at home at the time, was on the end of the phone helping support Sophy and managing the situation with Sally Hawes in Norwich Control.